TradAir hires Gabriela Liber as Director of Liquidity Management

TradAir are pleased to announce that Gabriela Liber has joined as Director of Liquidity Management.

Gabriela brings to the role highly relevant experience, of working with both liquidity providers (LP) and liquidity taking banks and brokers, managing all aspects of liquidity optimization, having held similar positions elsewhere, and having spent several years in eFX sales for major European Banks. Working closely with TradAir’s industry leading selection of over 60 Liquidity providers, including top Global banks, Regional specialists, leading Non-banks, as well as ECNs and Exchanges.

Using TradAir’s real-time Trading Liquidity Analytics service (TLA), Gabriela can analyze in real-time the liquidity each LP provides to each client, assisting them to more effectively optimize their provision across Full Sum and Sweepable streams to TradAir’s broad range of liquidity taking clients, including regional and local banks, brokers and prop trading houses. As a result, liquidity takers receive higher fill ratios, enabling them to more competitively price their own customers and more profitably hedge resulting flows.

GabiSpeaking about her role at TradAir, Gabriela said;

“I am delighted to be working at TradAir, they have a powerful low-latency technology platform, the most comprehensive range of high quality FX liquidity providers (LPs) in the market, and trading liquidity analytic tools that provide deep insight into their provision of liquidity.

Using the TradAir TLA insight, we can work closely with the LPs to help them optimize in real-time the liquidity they provide to price taking firms on TradAir’s platform. Ensuring each receives the optimal blend of liquidity across full amount and sweepable streams, to enable them to more competitively price their own customers and more profitably hedge resulting flows.”

Gabriela works closely with TradAir’s liquidity taking clients, and using TradAir’s trading liquidity analytics service (TLA), analyze their trading flows in terms of typical trade sizes, currencies, products, latency etc, and then works with the LPs to ensure they are providing the right blend of Full Amount and/or Sweepable liquidity streams to ensure high fill ratios and superior execution performance.

Commenting on Gabriela joining, Illit Geller CEO of TradAir added;

“We are delighted that Gabriela has joined TradAir, as Director of Liquidity Management.

She brings a deep understanding of liquidity management, and the needs of both the liquidity providers, and our liquidity taking clients, and has extensive relationships with both.”

TradAir’s platform enables banks and brokers to aggregate highly optimized streams of liquidity for their own trading needs, and using TradAir’s powerful Rate Engine, create bespoke pricing streams for distribution to their customers, ensuring they receive an outstanding trading experience, whilst profitably and efficiently auto-hedge resulting flows.



YapiKredi Bank upgrades to TradAir’s new modular architecture, reducing latency and improving execution performance

London/New York/Singapore, 14th February 2017:  

TradAir, are pleased to announce the release of a major platform upgrade, focusing on added functionality, reduced latency and continued improvement of execution performance.

TradAir Version 5.0, delivers significant improvements in:

  • Execution quality and fill ratios
  • Platform latency and performance

TradAir’s new ‘Micro Services’ based modular architecture, significantly reduces platform latency, improving execution performance.

The modular design, streamlines and optimizes liquidity management, ensuring bank and broker customers receive highly optimized relationship based pricing from TradAir’s industry leading range of Global banks, Regional specialists, leading non-bank liquidity providers providing separate sweepable and full-amount streams, as well as access to top anonymous ECNs.

Yapi KrediCüneyt Zeytinci, Head of FX Markets at leading Turkish Bank YapiKredi, explains why they use TradAir:

“As a major Turkish market-making bank, we provide competitive pricing to clients in a broad range of currency pairs across multiple electronic channels.

To support our growing business, we needed a platform that provided deep liquidity, a fully customizable pricing engine, and rules based auto-hedger to manage resulting flows, supported by analytics to monitor and optimize our trading performance.

TradAir are our FX technology partner, and we use their complete FX platform to support our growing business.

TradAir’s latest platform upgrade enables us to more efficiently aggregate full-amount liquidity streams from our primary relationship banks, ensuring we achieve close to 100% fill ratios when hedging resulting client flows.”

TradAir Version 5 delivers reduced round trip trade latency, and improved fill ratios, enables TradAir’s bank and broker customers, to more competitively price their GUI and API clients, providing them with an outstanding trading experience, whilst more efficiently and profitably risk-managing resulting client flows.


FastMatch partners with TradAir’s FX Trading Platform to target professional ‘clicker’ traders

logoTradAir, are pleased to announce that its partnership with FX-ECN FastMatch is now live, with TradAir’s FX trading platform & high performance HTML5 UI, targeting professional bank and institutional ‘clicker’ traders.

FastMatch, are among the leading institutional FX-ECNs, servicing banks, institutional clients, and professional trading firms, with average daily volumes (ADV) around $13bn/day, executed via APIs. However, a good proportion of global FX volumes, are also executed by traders clicking on screens, and leveraging a broad range of trading styles and workflows.

The partnership, provides FastMatch with:

  • Complete end-to-end FX trading platform, leveraging the latest in high-performance cloud, web, BigData, and HTML5 technology
  • Comprehensive admin suite, supporting user and organization on-boarding, with granular permissioning of trading functionality, workflows and display components
  • Professional level HTML5 trading UI, fully branded and customizable with support for broad range of manual and algo trading styles and order types

Speaking of their decision to select TradAir, Dmitri Galinov, FastMatch CEO of commented;

“As a leading institutional FX-ECN, FastMatch are committed to providing liquidity to market participants. We identified a significant opportunity to increase our volumes by providing liquidity to the professional ‘clicker’ traders in the market.

After reviewing available platforms, we selected TradAir as our trading technology partner. They provide a truly market-leading, cloud based FX trading platform, with sophisticated trading analytics, and fully featured and highly customizable professional HTML5 trading UI.

We have started on-boarding clients to the new platform, enabling them to trade on our deep liquidity, and posting both manual and algo orders directly on our order books”

TradAir’s eFX platform, with global points of presence, and fully managed service provides everything an ECN such as FastMatch needs in order to service the growing number of professional banks and institutional ‘clicker’ traders, on a global basis.

Commenting on the FastMatch deal, Illit Geller, TradAir CEO added;

“Our fully managed, end-to-end trading platform, with the highest professional level HTML5 trading UI, provides the trading functionality, performance, scale and reach required by FastMatch to service the needs of their globally distributed clients.

We are delighted to partner with FastMatch, and their leading technology.”


TradAir hires Bob Ejodame as new Global head of Customer Support

TradAir, a leading provider of front-office eFX trading technology solutions to banks and brokers, are pleased to announce that Bob Ejodame has joined the company as Global Head of Customer Support.

Bob brings to the role, a wealth of experience in managing global support teams, setting up new processes, and supporting mission critical FX trading platforms, having held similar positions elsewhere, including that of Head of Global FX Support for EBS, ICAP’s FX platform.

Bob will be based in TradAir’s new London offices, in the heart of the city opposite the Bank of England, and will be responsible for TradAir’s support teams on a global basis.

Speaking about his decision to join TradAir, Bob said;

“I am thrilled to have joined TradAir, they have a strong suite of eFX solutions, great technology, and a growing, and globally distributed customer base.

I see my role as taking TradAir’s support operations to the next level, implementing new processes and advanced diagnostic tools, to enable us to effectively and pro-actively support our clients and their customers.”

Commenting on Bob’s hire, Illit Geller, TradAir CEO added;

“It’s great to have someone with Bob’s expertise and market understanding joining TradAir. He has managed global support desks for a major FX platform, and understands the importance of supporting trading clients, that depend on your platform’s performance and reliability.

Bob will further develop the tools and processes needed, to support our evolving platform, and growing number of clients on a global basis.”

Full release here

UOB Bullion and Futures take TradAir’s eFX platform for clients

TradAir has secured a contract with UOB Bullion and Futures (UOBBF) to provide the brokerage’s corporate, institutional and professional clients with TradAir’s fully hosted cloud based HTML5 eFX platform for trading leveraged FX, NDFs and Precious Metals.

UOBBF is the Singapore-based wholly-owned brokerage arm of United Overseas Bank Limited, a leading bank in Asia.

Commenting on securing UOBBF, Paul Blank, VP Marketing at TradAir said;

“UOBBF are a highly respected Singapore brokerage, and securing them as a client, is a testament to the competitive strength of our solutions.

Earlier this year, we deployed local servers in Singapore, opened of local office and expanded our support staff, all of which demonstrate our strong commitment to service the needs of the brokerage community in Singapore and the APAC region.”


TradAir eFX platform fill ratios remain high following Brexit volatility

TradAir’s cloud based eFX platform, proved highly resilient in the face of overnight FX ‘Brexit’ volatility, and although observed spreads were wider, overall fill ratios remained remarkably steady, and in line with longer term averages seen on the platform.

TradAir’s platform is used by regional and local banks and brokers, to provide internal traders with aggregated views of executable liquidity against which they trade and manage their risk.

Many of those firms also use TradAir’s rate engine, which enables them to provide external customers with executable streaming pricing. Either via TradAir’s white Label HTML front-end, or through other client dealing channels, with the rate engine automatically hedging resulting flows.

According to Paul Blank, VP Marketing at TradAir;

“We put into action pre-prepared plans to ensure platform stability and performance, which were based on various scenarios of increased market volatility, including levels seen around the SNB move.”

In addition, extra support and operations staff were on hand to pro-actively monitor every aspect of the platform, including client and liquidity provider connections, to ensure platform performance and stability. Also, being cloud based, the platform can be scaled most immediately, simply by provisioning additional servers.


TradAir implements open-source monitoring/diagnostic tools


London/New York/Singapore/Tel Aviv, 16th June 2016:

TradAir, leaders in cloud-based eFX trading technology solutions for banks and brokers, has cut ‘issue diagnostic’ times by around 90%, following implementation of open-source monitoring and diagnostic tools.

The tools, combine open-source projects Logstash and Kibana, with data visualization tools from ELK – ‘Elasticsearch’, which together enable seamless integration of platform, network and system log-data, that can be searched, analyzed and visualized in real-time.

  • New tools cut ‘issue diagnostic’ times by around 90%
  • The tools, combine open-source projects Logstash and Kibana, with data visualization tools from ELK – ‘Elasticsearch’
  • Diagnostic tools creating competitive advantage, as they will drive platform stability and performance

Using ELK, TradAir has developed a suite of ‘next-generation’ monitoring and diagnostic dashboards and tools, empowering operations and support teams to monitor the health and performance of the entire network, including cloud-based infrastructure in Amazon’s AWS, as well as all client connections in real-time. Enabling teams to proactively identify and resolve issues before they impact platform performance, and before clients are aware of them.

Speaking about the upgrade, Tamir Klein, CTO at TradAir, commented;

“Since upgrading our monitoring and diagnostic tools, we have seen ‘issue diagnostic’ times, cut by around 90%, which is a tremendous improvement, and definitely felt by clients.

The tools provide ‘real-time’ visibility across the entire platform, and into every client connection. Empowering us to pro-actively monitor, diagnose and resolve system issues before they impact our clients, or their customers. We can now detect and resolve network delays on any client connection, preventing latency build-up, which if left, would negatively impact execution fill ratios.

We have an ongoing program of enhancements for these diagnostic tools, which we see as creating a competitive advantage for TradAir, as they will drive platform stability and performance, which are critically important factors for clients and their customers.”

TradAir are in good company in using ELK, as some of the largest global FX banks, also leverage ELK to provide greater visibility of their trading infrastructure.


TradAir and Elysium Technology Group (ETG) jointly develop seamless integration solution

Elysium Technology Group and TradAir announce New Integration with Elysium’s Mission Control Solution

—Chicago, IL and New York, NY 17th May 2016

Alt Text                    Logo1

Leaders in the FX industry, Elysium Technology Group (Elysium) and TradAir, are proud to announce a new alliance that brings a fully integrated, next generation front to back FX solution to the industry.

Elysium, an innovator in exceptional post-trade technology, integrated its middle and back-office solution, Mission Control, with TradAir, a leading provider of cloud-based front-office e-FX trading optimization solutions. Together, they deliver a unique and mutually enhanced offering to sell and buy side customers.

Several clients are now live on the combined integration between TradAir White Label Solution + Elysium Mission Control, which have already made a significant impact on their businesses. 

Douglas Borthwick, Managing Director, Head of Foreign Exchange at Chapdelaine & Co, speaking about the seamless integration added that;

“As a leading FX agency broker, efficient post-trade services are hugely important to us, and we been really pleased that ‘out-of-the-box’, the Elysium and TradAir, execution plus post trade integration has worked without any issues.”


Standard Bank South Africa (SBSA) deploys TradAir as part of strategic vision to dominate Dollar Rand (USD.ZAR) market-making globally

London/New York/Singapore/Tel Aviv, 13th April 2016:

Standard Bank South Africa (SBSA) deploys TradAir as part of strategic vision to dominate Dollar Rand (USD.ZAR) market-making globally, and create regional market-making specialists across Africa.

  • TradAir enables SBSA to improve two-way dollar-rand (USD.ZAR) market-making capabilities globally, across all primary and majority of secondary markets
  • Strategic vision to dominate market-making in core African currencies, deploying TradAir to all 18 regional dealing centres across Africa
  • Also deploys TradAir NOW,  for real-time FX trade analytics, enabling SBSA to more effectively price, and profitably manage client flows and LP performance in real-time

Standard Bank South Africa

Standard Bank South Africa (SBSA) are a very active, and fully committed two-way market-maker in Dollar Rand (USD.ZAR), across all primary and the majority of secondary venues on a global basis. Their strategic goal is to be the dominant market-making bank in Rand and other African currencies, on a global basis.


TradAir NOW, released as real-time trade analytic engine to drive bank and broker platform profitability

London/New York/Singapore/Tel Aviv, 6th April 2016:

  • TradAir’s real-time trade analytic engine TradAir NOW, drives platform profitability, by empowering firms to more competitively price, and profitably hedge FX flows
  • Leveraging Google BigQuery, provides massive performance and scalability

TradAir’s real-time trade analytic platform, TradAir NOW ( leverages Google’s BigQuery to deliver unprecedented insight into client trading behavior and liquidity provider pricing characteristics.

  • Capture every trade, order, rejection, and latency throughout execution life cycle
  • transforming trade data into actionable platform optimization metrics
  • Optimize client pricing based on currency pair hit rate sensitivity
  • Optimize (LPs) selection based on rejection rates, last-look latency, spread ranking
  • Integrates with any FX trading platform